Wednesday, May 31, 2017

[2017 ARML] -- Updated itinerary

Dear all,

Here is an updated itinerary.  Most of the changes concern the dorm; we are staying in Dayton Hall.

See (many of) you tomorrow!


Monday, May 29, 2017

[2017 ARML] -- ARML Bus Information

Hi everyone,

This is important information about the ARML bus. (If you're flying to ARML, feel free to disregard this email.)

The bus will load at the San Jose Diridon (Caltrain) Station. Once you're there, look for bus loading spot #3 near the entrance to the train station. Here's a map: The spot labeled X1 is our busloading location. Please do not park in the parking spots labeled "Caltrain Employee Parking", marked on the map with yellow and black X's. If needed, you can stop briefly in the parking lot labeled X2 on the map to unload. If you have trouble finding the bus, please call me at 541-206-7651.

All students should arrive for bus loading at 10:30am on Thursday. Do not be late. Once the bus is loaded, it will leave without you if you are not there.

You may wish to bring games and movies for the bus. We will only have movies if someone brings them! Also, feel free to coordinate games, movies, etc on the SFBA ARML facebook page! If you're not in the group, request to be added and I'll add you. :)

We have a team tradition of wearing our oldest ARML t-shirts on the bus. I will be wearing a shirt from 2008, and I'm excited to see your ARML shirts from past years.

If you have any questions about the bus, please ask! See you soon!


[2017 ARML] -- We have a t-shirt plan!

That was easy.  We have someone who can bring the t-shirts to the bus, so all of you can rest easy knowing that there will be t-shirts in Las Vegas.  Woo hoo.

[2017 ARML] -- Would you like to have your ARML shirt this year?

Hi everyone,

So it all comes down to this week!  I'm in Las Vegas now, Silas will be arriving tomorrow, and Kendra will be arriving Wednesday.  We'll have everything ready for all of you once you get here.  We'll hand you a water bottle when you arrive; don't let this bottle get empty or let it out of your sight.  It is very hot and dry in Las Vegas, and you need to stay hydrated.  Please help remind each other to drink plenty of water as well.

One thing I need some help with: Ted Alper (our former Head Coach until about 2007) is helping us get the t-shirts made, and he will pick them up on Wednesday.  The thing is, we need a way to get the t-shirts and a microphone/speaker setup to the bus on Thursday.  Is there anyone who will be driving to the Caltrain station on Thursday morning who can drop by Ted's house in Palo Alto on Wednesday to pick up these items and bring them to meet the bus on Thursday?  This is kind of important, because it would be really super awesome if we actually had t-shirts at ARML this year.  So don't just sit around thinking someone else will volunteer and then show up at ARML and we don't have shirts for anyone; if you can help with this, please send an email ASAP so we can make sure everyone has team t-shirts for Saturday!


Saturday, May 27, 2017

[2017 ARML] -- ARML 2017 Itinerary (take 1) - plus alternate spots

Dear all,

Attached is the ARML itinerary as it currently stands.

You'll notice some "TBD"s in it; that's for information we don't know yet.  I'll be sending an updated itinerary on Tuesday or Wednesday with the rest of the information--mostly just what dorm we're staying in, which will affect where some things happen.

Some further information about events on the itinerary, mostly for people who have not been to ARML before:

1. There are two awards ceremonies on Saturday afternoon: The big ARML one at 1:45 when we find out how our teams did, and a smaller one just for our team at 3:45 where we celebrate our own accomplishments.  Parents are welcome at both if they've traveled to Las Vegas.  If you're flying home on Saturday, bring all your stuff with you to the 3:45 team meeting, as the bus will take you to the airport immediately after.

2. On Saturday night, the bus will take anyone who's interested to the Stratosphere to get dinner and go up the tower for a fantastic view of Las Vegas.  There's a small additional cost (in the neighborhood of $20-25 per person, plus the cost of dinner).  The bus will return in time to catch most of casino night.  Departure time will be announced at the team meeting Saturday afternoon.

3. Casino Night has been a traditional part of Saturday evening for the past several years.  We set up casino games in the dorm, give you chips to play with (there is no cost, obviously; all the money is fake), and then you can turn the chips in for prizes.  At the end, we auction off some extra-awesome prizes.  Stay tuned for a possible new game making its debut this year...

We still have two alternate spots that have not been filled.  If you have friends or classmates that want to go to ARML, we will register them for free (they just have to pay the cost of their flights on Friday and Saturday) if they're willing to fill one of these alternate spots.  They still get to participate in the whole contest, just with a team composed of students from several different regions.  If you know anyone who might be interested, please have them email immediately, and we'll let them know what they need to do.

See you next week in Vegas!


Friday, May 26, 2017

[2017 ARML] -- Reminder: final practice on Sunday!

Hi everyone,

Our next (and final) practice will be this Sunday 2:00pm-5:30pm at Stanford, building 380. Note that it's a longer practice than usual. Please make an extra effort to come to practice (on time) for this final weekend before ARML. For details, see

During the final 15-30 minutes of practice, we'll stop doing math and have a team meeting about the trip. This is also your chance to ask questions about whatever is on your mind. :) 

You can find practice materials from past practices online on the practice website. As usual, username=sfba and password=arml. You may wish to see the practice notes page for this week on what we covered each week. In particular, those of you on A1 should avoid looking at two of the team rounds. :)


Friday, May 19, 2017

[2017 ARML] -- Practice this weekend

Hi all, 

It's that time of week again... this is your reminder that this weekend we'll have practice on Sunday, 2pm-5pm, at Cubberley Community Center in Palo Alto. (See the website for more info.) 

I understand that there is a conflict with ProCo this weekend. For those of you at ProCo this weekend, you should still be able to come to most of practice, and I encourage you to do so. Your team needs you to be at practice. As always, if you need to miss a practice for any (good) reason, please make sure you fill out the form on the website before practice. 

I've uploaded practice materials from the past two weeks to the practice website. As usual, the username is sfba and the password is arml. 

Note that this practice is your last opportunity to hand in a permission form in person -- we cannot accept permission forms at the final practice. If you have not yet turned in a permission form, please bring your (notarized) form to this weekend's practice and hand it to me. 

See you this weekend!


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

[2017 ARML] -- T-shirt update

Okay everyone, the crowd has spoken and we will be going with the 17-gon design this year.  Thanks Freya for a great submission!  If you are interested in purchasing extra shirts, you must purchase them online by May 21. You can go to to place your order. Remember that these are adult sizes. You will be issued one t-shirt corresponding to your team assignment and the size you indicated when you signed up for ARML, but if you think you may have given us an incorrect size (or not realized they were adult sizes rather than youth sizes), feel free to email us to clarify.

Also, it looks like we may have a couple of extra spots available for alternates (moving up to a numbered team if there is space) at deeply discounted rates because part of the fee will be paid by the people who have told us they can no longer make it.  If you know of someone who is interested in filling one of these positions, please have them get in contact with us ASAP.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

[2017 ARML] -- t-shirt design update

Turns out the original survey didn't render the design properly for the 7s shirt.  Here is what the front and back should look like.

[2017 ARML] -- correction

...and by "practice Sunday" in that previous email, i clearly meant "practice Saturday".  Remember, this weekends practice is on Saturday, not Sunday.